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New product in the pipeline. Making Judge Dredd

Well folks, here's my next blog, and this time it's about a new product which won't be until launched  February 2019. Our next licensed Beerbuddy will be none other than Judge Dredd, and here's how I made it...

After we launched the Motorhead Snaggletooth in February 2018 we found that there was a lot of interest from licencing companies in Beer Buddies. The one which interested us the most was Judge Dredd. After we struck a deal with the licence holders, Rebellion developments, I started looking at the Judge. Unlike the Motorhead project which had a very defined image, I found that there have been many variations on Judge Dredd character not only from 2000 AD magazine, but also in the films. Proportions and details of the helmet for instance, vary quite a lot over the years. I looked at lots of pictures from the magazine and finally settled on what I thought was a generic version, with four vertical bars on the helmet badge.



Unlike the Snaggletooth, there is not a great deal of detail involved so it started to come together quite quickly. 


 As is always the case I need to accommodate the metal insert which opens the bottle, so this dictates the overall size of the piece. One thing I noticed early on is that the classic Dredd look is a grimace, with his mouth closed and his teeth clenched. This of course was not an option for me as I needed his mouth open to take the bottle.

Finding suitable source images was surprisingly difficult, but I managed to produce an open mouth without drastically altering the proportions. I made the first mould and cast a resin version which I could get really sharp.


After a great deal of smoothing out & refining I made the second mould from which I could cast a prototype.

I decided for simplicity’s sake to cast it in an all metal finish, although in the back of my mind I was aware of how important the elements of colour are in the identity of Judge Dredd and was keen to see what the factory could do with a fully painted version.



 Anyway I duly sent the sample off to Rebellion for approval, and…..!

More next time.


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  • Hi,
    Can I please pre-order one of these ;)

    Jason Colman

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