Motorhead, NEW Viking and Judge Dredd buddies available NOW! Demand is high for these designs so order now to avoid disappointment.

Inspired by the Outdoor Lifestyle

Beer Buddies was started in a workshop in rural Cornwall by Seamus and Richard; with a fondness for a cold beer and good times. Inspired by the outdoor lifestyle of Cornwall - back garden BBQs and lazy sunny afternoons - Seamus and Richard have created the perfect accessory to any situation requiring a beverage or three; the Beer Buddy.

Made by a Master Craftsman

Meet Seamus. He’s the guy who brings the Beer Buddies to life. In his workshop deep in the Cornish countryside, you’ll find him busy making the moulds and initial sculptures for each one of the colourful characters of the range. Every Beer Buddy starts life as a lump of clay, with the initial design being worked directly into the clay by award-winning sculptor Seamus - no rough drawings, just straight to work. From these clay models, the moulds are made and are cast out of resin to form the prototypes of the range. From there, they go on to full manufacture and Seamus starts the process again (after a quick break for a refreshing beverage, of course!). Make sure you keep checking back with Beer Buddies as the range is always being updated.

Beer Buddies Blog Posts

Day of Dredd

One for your diary if you're a Dredd fan.....

Making Judge Dredd part 2

The second version of the design and how we got it ready for production.
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